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Spirulina Lowers Blood Pressure And Much More

Spirulina,a new "superfood" made from blue-green algae,has multiple health benefits.One of them is lowering blood pressure according to recent studies. All of the supplements today...
snake bite,bitten by a snake

What Should You Do If You Are Bitten By A Snake

If you are bitten by a snake it is very important to know how to react in the first moments. So, how should a person...
decaf coffee,decaf how is made

Decaf Coffee, How Is Made?

Decaf coffee is coffee with extracted caffeine from it,but this beveridge still tastes great.Decaffeination is intensive process and in this article we will try...
sleep paralysis

Sleep Paralysis Symptoms,Causes and Treatment

Sleep paralysis locks a person in a weird state between waking and dreaming, where they can't move but might experience odd hallucinations. Why this health...
smallest baby,smallest born baby

World’s Smallest Baby Was The Size Of An Apple

World's smallest baby was born in San Diego and nicknamed "Saybie".Today she is healthy and has 5 months,read the story. As far as tiny babies...
vomiting,throwing up,nausea

Stop Vomiting or Throwing Up Naturally

Vomiting or throwing up is eliminating harmful and toxic substances from the body.This can be a reaction to some irritation in the gut,or even...
gluten-free grains,gluten free,grains

Gluten-Free Grains That Are Very Healthy

Gluten-free products are very popular today.Gluten is a protein found in certain grains that helps bind and shape foods by creating elasticity.It allows bread...
cheese tea,tea,

What Is Cheese Tea And Is It Healthy To Drink

Cheese tea is a new tea made from black or green tea topped with a sweet and salty cream cheese foam. What is cheese tea? Recently...
teeth,black stains,tap water

Drinking Tap Water Can Cause Black Stains On Teeth

Drinking tap water with high content of iron and high levels of pH can cause black stains on teeth. And not just black stains on...
oils for cooking

Best Cooking Oils And Ways To Use Them

Healthy cooking oils are replacement for vegetable oils and animal fats.Here we will see what are the top 3 healthiest cooking oils and how...
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