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The Parent’s Guide To Keeping Your Kids Busy Indoors

With winter approaching, parents everywhere are wondering how to keep their children occupied indoors as the weather gets colder and outdoor activities become out of the question. After all, when young children are stuck inside with nothing to do, they quickly become bored and cranky!


Teo’s Healthy Lifestyle is a great resource for information on health and fitness that will help your family feel their best all winter long. In addition to healthy activities and foods, keeping your kids entertained and educated is also important for their overall well-being. If you need ideas for fun indoor activities, these tips will inspire you to start planning!


Arts and Crafts


Doing arts and crafts with your children is a great way to encourage them to learn without cracking open a textbook. Plus, you can find plenty of cheap, artsy materials right in your home, from paper plates for finger painting to dry pasta for making fun necklaces!


Board Games


Winter is the perfect time to dust off the board games in your living room and break them out for everyone to play! Playing board games with your kids is a great way to bond when you’re spending long hours indoors this winter.


Planning a family game night is a fun endeavor that will bring you all closer while fostering a healthy sense of competition. When you’re done playing, use it as an opportunity to teach your younger children about tidying up.


Gaming Online


Yes, it’s best to allow your children to use screens in moderation, but Rummy Circle states that online gaming can provide cognitive benefits like memory enhancement, improving decision-making skills, and even boosting concentration. Letting your kids play online games can provide a welcome break from schoolwork and the daily grind.


If you’re open to letting your kids play games online this winter (and possibly joining in for some family fun!), just make sure that your Internet connection is up to the task if you’re working from home. Avoiding low latency will benefit everyone and minimize meltdowns.


Indoor Obstacle Course


It can be tough for kids to get enough exercise when they can’t play outdoors, so if you have the room in your home, why not set up an indoor obstacle course for an afternoon of active fun? Your kids probably miss playing in the backyard, so it’s time to bring those activities indoors!


To put together your obstacle course, Parents suggest using cushions, blocks, chairs, and other items that you already have around the house. Get your kids involved in the “construction” process, and make sure that the course is safe before letting them play!


Staying Sane


Of course, you need to take care of your own well-being while you’re home with your kids, too! It’s important to make sure you’re comfortable while hanging out at home, so treat yourself to cozy, unrestrictive clothing like soft t-shirts and yoga pants.


If you need a little more help staying calm, learning deep breathing techniques for relaxation can stabilize your mood. It can take a little time to get the hang of practicing abdominal breathing or alternate nostril breathing, but these methods can help you stay level headed in the midst of family chaos.


As the temperature outside drops, you may be wondering how to make this winter special for your kids and create lively family memories, even if you can’t spend much time outdoors. With these suggestions, you and your family can have plenty of fun inside!


If you want to encourage your family to live a healthier lifestyle all year round, check out the helpful guides on Teo’s Healthy Lifestyle. Contact us with your questions about healthy habits through our website!

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