Can You Gain Muscle Without Going To The Gym

Written by: Helen Bradford

If the gym has become your second home in the previous years, you must be devastated not being able to spend as much time there, now that the social distancing is a must.

However, you shouldn’t lose all your hope because you can still pump that iron even if you don’t have access to gym equipment.

You can easily make your own workout plan and build muscle at home, with the help of your household items. If you need some inspiration, our suggestions will be of great help.

Don’t lose the routine

First and foremost, if you want to build muscle you need to stay in the game. Don’t let a lack of access to the gym kill your motivation, but work even harder.

Try to stay in the routine and exercise at least 3 times a week. Make sure you have rest days just as you’ll have exercise days because muscles need some time to recover and prevent the workout plateau.

5 to 12 reps will be enough to keep you going and help you replicate the effect of the gym. One of the good suggestions is to try and alternate between 4 types of exercises and repeat each one 3 times.

If you want to work the muscles in a different way, think about increasing the pace every time you do an exercise.

Alternate between exercises

When we mentioned alternating between exercise, what we meant was that you should do other physical activity too, instead of focusing only on gym-related exercises.

For instance, you should start jogging and running in the morning or evening. Do a few laps and see if that’s an exercise that fits you.

Cycling is a great form of exercise that will both work up your heart and help you burn calories while your muscles build up. To follow the rules of social distancing think about getting a quality CyberFit indoor bike, and enjoy your favorite show or a film whilst you’re burning calories.

Buying at-home gym equipment is always a good investment because it will give you the chance to work out whenever time allows, saving you both time and money on trips to the gym and memberships. Then there’s swimming which can also be a fun activity, aside from helping you build muscle on your entire body.

Swimming is great for cardiovascular health as well, which means it will make your heart pump the blood faster and give you more energy for future workouts.

Push-ups and pull-ups for strong upper body

When you’re looking for an efficient way to build muscle, one of the best exercises to go for are push-ups. They will give enough bulge to the upper body and make your arms and back look like you’ve spent hours lifting weights.

You’ll be lifting your own body weight which will make the exercise that more strenuous while helping you shape that chest and shoulders nicely.

Another high-scorer on the list of top upper body exercises are pull-ups. Someone can find it challenging to do them upright at the start, so doing flat pull-ups will do until you master the skill.

Crunches for a slimmer waist

To add some definition to your waist without looking too pumped up, start doing crunches. They are very effective when it comes to working the abdominal region and core.

5 to 10 crunches will be a good start, and you can increase the number as you notice the progress. No weights will be needed if you introduce crunches into your daily workout routine.

Use household items as weights

Who says that only heavy lifting offers results? Now you can use a variety of household items to help you add some weight to your exercises.

Fill two 2l water bottles for some extra weight, and grab one bottle with each hand. Spread your arms and start lifting. Laundry detergent bottles can store even more liquids and offer you a more intense workout. Canned food is another good example of household items that can double up as weights for your exercises, and even add up to two pounds to your training.

If you’re all out of household items, why not try having fun with your kids and train with them. You can easily add weight to your workout if you give a piggy-back to your little one and start doing squats. Do push-ups while the little one is sitting or lying on top of you to offer you bigger resistance.

Final thoughts

No matter how unimaginable working out outside the gym may seem, you can easily get used to exercising at home.

All you need is a motivation, a good exercise plan, and a few machines to keep you going. Even if you don’t have an indoor bicycle or weights to lift at home, you can always find creative alternatives and make every training more fun than at the gym.

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