How to become a stronger runner

7 Simple Ways to be a Stronger Runner and Enjoy Doing It

Written by Helen Bradford

The whole world is in a dangerous place right now, and the importance of health and promotion of well-being has never seemed so important, nor obvious. Our immune systems are what we make from them, and they further greatly influence our mental and emotional health. Prevention is the best medicine, so while you’re in this self-isolation mode, we are recommending research about ways to improve your lifestyle when the situation calms down. People are fragile, but with the right self-care, we can fight better. Today, we are going to promote an essential exercise for improving cardiovascular health, reducing stress, and a variety of diseases.


Stay hydrated

We can not even emphasize enough how important this factor is, and not only while exercising! Body hydration is one of the most important aspects of both performance and general health. While you’re exercising, especially running, you will be sweating and thereby losing water and electrolytes. If you don’t replace the water, you can suffer from dehydration. And it is not a matter of feeling thirsty, but rather the possible consequences, including cramps and headaches, as well as other joint-related injuries.

An amazing way to develop a habit of drinking water regularly during the day is by getting a water bottle. It will help you in measuring your optimal daily intake levels and regulate your body temperature while you’re running. Another tip for making sure you’re not dehydrated is to check up your urine, which is the best indicator – the lighter the better.


Running power

To be a stronger runner, you need to start with being strong. The importance of building muscle through power training is almost equal to the importance of stretching before running. In this type of training, the focus is on the speed of movement. Basically, you want to produce the most energy at the fastest speed, as it will help you with explosive movements.

There are numerous benefits to gain from it, but regarding running, you will significantly reduce the possibility of injuries in joints. Being more stable in your every step will result in a metabolic boost and better balance, further resulting in a faster pace.


Are your shoes made for walking?

Wearing a proper pair of running shoes is crucial, as this simple investment in a pair carries a number of benefits. They need to be light and comfortable, with a midsole cushioning in order to reduce the most stress from your feet, ankles, and joints during running.



Set the pace (or not)

Except if you’re training for a certain race, there is no need to push yourself over the limit when you’ve had a tiring day. Every training should be adapted to your current stress and fatigue levels, so you can play with pace and simply start feeling it, instead of looking at the workout training plan for the day. When you reach this point, it will mean you understand what your body needs at a certain moment. Have a long run followed by several short bursts, change the rate of your pace during the long run, and try to be in the moment.


Get enough sleep

Exercise will greatly contribute to your sleep quality, but there is something in the quantity as well. This connection will actually go both ways, meaning if you have a messy sleep routine (read, do not have one) or you lack sleep, you are less likely to regularly exercise. Give your body time to rest, as you will need it for tomorrow’s training!


Next level

If you love running and appreciate all the benefits while having fun doing it, you are ready to level up! At this point, we are strongly recommending to schedule a digital gait analysis with a local expert in the area. Gait is basically the pattern of movement of our limbs related to our center of gravity. Said analysis can help you deal with a certain type of pain, and adapt your exercises in accordance with a better understanding of your body.


Up the hill

Running hills should be your next challenge. Consider that not only it builds endurance, but it also increases power and improves your form. This is considered a resistance training, and you will use the same muscles you would for sprinting. It will strengthen your calves, quads, and glutes on a whole another level. Your knees will pump higher and you will learn to better control your breathing. Not even to mention the mental win you will feel when you conquer the hill, beside the great view you’ll have from the top.



Nature’s high is the best one, and are few things to compare on a physical level than falling asleep after a long run. The good hormones are rushing, you are exhausted yet satisfied, levels of stress are reduced, in simple words, running does make you happier. Furthermore, it is the only healthy way to maintain your weight over the years, with no chance of a yo-yo effect. And when it comes to mental health, as your blood flow is increased, your brain will get more oxygen and therefore improve your cognitive functions. Use the time at home to find out more about the ways you can preserve your health in the long run.

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