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Trataka Exercises For Better Eyesight

What is trataka meditation and how trataka exercises can help for better eyesight? How to practice trataka.

These are the topics that you can read in this article.

Trataka, a technique used in meditation practice, is one of the six purification techniques, called shatkarmas, of Hatha yoga. Trataka is a Sanskrit word, which means “to look” or “to gaze.” As such, this meditation technique involves starting at a single point of focus.

This is typically the flame of a candle, but other objects that may be used include a dot on the wall, an object of worship, a deity, flower, mountain, rising sun or moon. However, a flame is believed to work best.

Meditating in this way is believed to energize the Ajna (third eye) chakra, which is associated with intuition and wisdom, as well as psychic abilities. Traditionally, it’s said that the practice allows the past, present, and future to be perceived with equal clarity.

Trataka may also be referred to as yogic gazing in English.

Trataka is of two kinds – internal and external. In internal trataka, the eyes are closed and the mind concentrates on a subtle element within, usually the area between the eyebrows.

In external trataka, the eyes are open and focus on an object outside. The list below mentions the various external objects that you can focus upon while practicing external trataka.

Simple Trataka Exercises

1. Dot On A Leaf

dot on a leaf

Take a palm-sized leaf and draw a pea-sized black dot in the middle of the leaf. Stick the leaf on a cardboard or a wall 2 feet away from you at your eye level when you are comfortably seated.

Concentrate on the dot continually for 5-10 minutes, morning and evening, without batting your eyelids.

2. Candle Flame

candle flame

Light a candle in a dark room and concentrate on the flame for 5-10 minutes without blinking. Perform this practice in the morning and evening without even a day’s break.

People, especially children, with eye defects must practice this method.

3. Darkness

dark room

Sit alone in a dark room and concentrate on the darkness for 5-10 minutes. The eyes must remain open.

4. Blue Sky

blue sky

Sit in an open place and gaze at the blue sky without blinking. Feel yourself becoming one with the sky.

5. Photograph

photo frame

On a small photo of God or a deity of your choice, paste a blank paper containing a 2-inch circular hole in such a manner that only the face of God or deity is seen.

Place the photo 2 feet away from you at your eye level height and practice trataka on the photo.

6. Crystal


If you happen to have a crystal, place the crystal 2 feet away from you at eye level height and concentrate on the crystal. Crystals have many healing properties and are regarded as a powerful stone in gemology.

7. Flower


In this method, focus your concentration on a flower about half the size of your palm. A dark-colored flower (red or purple) must be placed in a well-lit room and a light-colored flower (yellow or white) in a dark room.

8. Needle


Hang a needle by a thread attached to a nail on the wall and practice trataka by concentrating on the needle. Make sure that no other object is visible around the needle and your peripheral vision is not obstructed by any other object.

Benefits Of Practicing Trataka

Practicing trataka helps in curing many eye disorders. People with poor eyesight and those wearing spectacles must practice trataka for five minutes daily.

Trataka has many uses related to the power of healing and clairvoyance. Besides the evident benefits to the eyes, it is therapeutic in depression, insomnia, allergy, anxiety, postural problems, poor concentration, and memory.

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Conclusion: Trataka exercises can help with better eyesight and practicing trataka also helps with other health problems. Start practicing trataka and you will feel better.


Trataka meditation for better eyesight

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