How to make sun energised water

Sun Energized Water How To Make It

We can’t imagine life on earth without water. All on Earth depends on water and the sun. How water can be energized or how water can be sun charged we will see in this article.

Water has very unique characteristics. Not only does it have three forms, but there’s a fourth form of water that’s kind of like honey. It is what causes your gelatin-like substances to have that texture. Oddly enough, on molecular level water is a crystal and not a liquid.

This unique characteristic allows for what’s called water structuring or structured water. I recall when I was a kid, scientists were talking about being able to store data or information on crystals due to its infinite storage capacity. Well, water can store information as well, because like I said, it’s essentially a crystal and the terminology used to describe this is Water Memory.

There have been quite a few prominent scientists who have done some extraordinary tests using water. One of my favorites would have to be Dr. Emoto. He would play music to the water and then flash freezer to see what type of formations the crystals made.

He also did another extraordinary experiment where he used rice in a beaker of water and spoke to it every day to see how it would affect the fermentation of the rice. These types of experiments prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that water is much beyond our current comprehension and for that reason, we do not value it properly.

Energizing water is the act of restoring the natural energy that water possesses utilizing the sun.

How to make sun energized water

To sun-charge water, place fresh drinkable water into a clear glass container. The maximum recommended container size is one gallon. Using smaller and/or broader containers provide more surface area for the sunlight to directly contact, thus quickening the charging process.

Cover the clear glass container with a clear glass lid. Do not use plastic, since plastic has been found to leech harmful chemicals into liquid and air.

sun charged water

Place the container in direct sunlight, outside on bare earth. Do not place the container on grass, since the grass will prevent charging. If bare earth is not available, choose a suitable material other than grass (sand, rock, cement, etc).

Leave the container outside for a minimum of 5 hours. Depending on the season and planetary location, a container of water will be fully sun-charged between 5 and 8 hours. Leaving the container in the direct sunlight longer than 8 hours will not harm it.

Do not leave the container of water outside overnight. Doing so will quickly drain the water of its charge. Also, no studies have been done to measure the effects of moon-charged water. Moon-charging water is not recommended since the moon produces no light of its own and has been shown to adversely affect some humans (lunacy).

Drink the sun-charged water immediately after it has been fully charged. Sun-charged water may be stored for up to 24 hours. After this time, it should be re-charged in the sunlight. There is no need to refrigerate this water. Science has shown that room-temperature drinking water is the most beneficial temperature.

In addition to drinking sun-charged water, this water can be applied directly to the skin through self-massage, soaks, or compresses. Sun-charged water is also helpful when used as an eye-wash.

Bonus Tips
  • Always have a container of water being sun-charged outside. This will allow for a continuous supply of sun-charged water ready for use.
  • During winter months, to avoid freezing and cracking the glass containers, place the container inside the home on a windowsill that gathers the most direct sunlight.
  • Use sun-charged water for house plants and pets.
  • Avoid the use of colored glass containers. At this time, color therapy has not effectively standardized the relationships between different colors and localized areas of the human body. It is safest to use clear glass that gathers white light, itself containing all the colors in the rainbow.

Conclusion: Drinking the sun charged is very healthful. Try practicing this method every day and you will be surprised about how good you will feel.


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