5G technology and health concerns

Health Risks Linked To 5G Technology

Is the new 5G technology harmless for your health or there are some health risks from 5G? What will you choose faster internet or better health?

We will try to answer these questions and show you the real dangers of this new technology that everyone is talking about. But they say just the good stuff and they hide the health risks.

5G Health Risks 

It is very astonishing how health risks linked to new 5G technology are established in scientific and medical literature but mass media ignore all of these.

Given the fact that mainstream media controls a large amount of people’s perception and awareness with regards to multiple issues, the health concerns regarding 5G are still largely off the radar on the minds of many.

We’ve seen many examples of how federal health regulatory agencies have been completely compromised by corporations, and the new 5G issue appears no different at the moment.

This is how certain products and services get approved without ever really going through any appropriate safety testing.

A great example of this type of corporate corruption in the United States, for example, has outlined a few years ago by a group of more than a dozen scientists from within the CDC who put out a public statement, while remaining anonymous, outlining the big problem of corporate influence and the effect it is having on health policy decisions.

They were referred to as the Spider Papers. The authors heavily stressed just how big of a problem this truly is.

Is Fast Internet More Important Than Health

A report published by Martin L. Pall, a Ph.D. and Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences at Washington State University, who stated that:

Putting in tens of millions of 5G antennae without a single biological test of safety has got to be about the stupidest idea anyone has had in the history of the world.

These health concerns are exactly why a Belgian government minister announced that Brussels is halting its 5G plans.

Even before the 5G rollout, multiple countries banned Wifi & Cell Phones around schools, young children & fetuses.

cellular tower,5G radiation

With so much information and initiatives out there being created, it goes to show that we do no live in a democracy at all.

Various “things” are imposed on the populace without our knowing, and politicians never address the real concerns that the people have.

Take Donald Trump for example, who recently stated that “5G is a race we will win.” On CETV we analyzed why Trump is pushing so hard for 5G, you can watch the segment here.

The truth is, doctors have been treating patients from over-exposure to wireless radiation for a while, even though many out there still, unfortunately, believe it to be a mental condition, which is misguided given all of the published science and clear harm that’s being inflicted.

Scientists and doctors recently came together at Queen’s Park in Toronto, Ontario, urging the provincial government to take steps to protect public health before the rollout of wireless 5G – the next generation of cell phone technology.

That being said, 5G tech is already rolled out, a lot of people are using it for their internet connection, for example.

My clinic is already assessing patients from across Ontario who are sensitive to microwave radiation from their wireless devices including cell phones, Wi-Fi, and an increasing number of smart appliances,” said Dr. Riina Bray, Medical Director of the Environmental Health Clinic at Women’s College Hospital in Toronto. “We expect wireless 5G to add to this burden.”

Scientists and doctors from dozens of countries are now coming together to warn their governments about what is going on.

The only issue is that governments have been compromised by corporations, but awareness is still charging ahead.

The initial 5G infrastructure in Ontario is set to begin in the Toronto to Montreal corridor.

Without this implementation, daily human exposure to microwave radiation is already much higher than a trillion times higher than it was before cell phones.

Dr. Anthony Miller, Professor Emeritus with the University of Toronto, and adviser to the International Agency for Research on Cancer said:

“Many scientists worldwide now believe that radiofrequency radiation should be elevated to a Class One human carcinogen, on the same list as Cigarettes, X-Rays, and Asbestos.”

The doctors advised the province that increased health care costs can be avoided if the government takes precautions to protect the public from exposure to wireless 5G technology.

You can get a transcript of the event and more at Canadians for Safe Technology C4ST.org 

The Takeaway

I am a big believer in the mind-body connection, some say it’s simple as, “if you don’t believe it’s harming you, it’s not.”

Although that thought does have truth in it, I believe that type of mind-body effect, the ability to alter your biology amidst environmental toxins, requires deep meditation and practice.

We are so heavily bombarded with this stuff regularly that it’s simply not reasonable to overcome these effects while keeping up with daily life.

This why when highly skilled mind-body practitioners are used by scientists in the lab, still only small effects are observed.

At the end of the day, there is a reason why various rates of disease ailments are on the rise, and it’s quite clear that our environment is the problem.

Conclusion: What are health risks linked to new 5G technology is steel under the carpet. The only way you can protect yourself is to reduce your exposure.

You can even purchase EMF protective paint, there are several ways to protect yourself but at the end of the day this is a big problem, and awareness is key.

Source: collective-evolution.com


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