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Homemade Jam Recipe

Easy Homemade Jam

Whether you are preparing a large or small batch, my Easy Homemade Jam recipe is for you!

Three ingredients and no water canning method needed to keep your pantry stocked with jam all year round!

This recipe is so simple and easy and needs very little of your attention. Canning is something I love, but storage is always an issue.

Most of the jam recipes that I found online yielded 6-8 500ml jars. In most cases, I need to make just one or two jars. The recipe you see below will yield two cups of jam.

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I like to place that jam into two separate jars because we don’t consume jam very quickly.  Usually, it’s just on the weekends with a freshly baked scone.

Sometimes, during the week in the summer months, a little dollop of jam can be stirred into some good vanilla ice cream, but usually, that’s the extent of our jam consumption. Which, dear Reader, is why I need small batch recipes – like this one!

For any jam flavor you want to make – YES, ANY FLAVOUR – this will work with all fruit and fruit combinations. Depending on the fruit you use, the cooking process will vary.

For example, I found that the blueberry jam was ready to be packed in jars in less than two hours of cook time.

The blackberry jam, however, took a little longer. Closer to three hours to get to the consistency that I wanted. This, of course, is due to the amount of water in each different type of fruit.

I assume it would also depend on how much natural sugar there is in the fruit as well.

For small-batch jams though, you do not need to apply any canning methods at all. I have made up to four jars of jam at the same time with this recipe.

I have not used the water bath method but simply made sure the jam was piping hot. I also made sure that my jars were super clean and that I was using new sealing rings.

Pour the hot jam into the sterile jars, place on the sealing ring and screw on the cap. Let the jam jars sit – completely undisturbed! – for at least twelve hours.

After the first 30-60 minutes, you’ll hear little pops coming from your kitchen. This occurs when the temperature of the jam beings to cool, which condenses the air in the jar, which in turn, creates a vacuum, and pulls the lid down.

The popping or dinging sound is the sound of your sealing rings telling you that your jam is secured and safe.

Once completely cooled, be sure to store your jam jars in a safe, dry, cool place. I keep mine right in the back of the cupboard where it’s always dark. Using this exact method, you can be sure your jam will keep for up to six months. I have made jam this way for years and have never used a canner or the water bath method.

Homemade Jam How To Make It


  • 4 cups fruit, roughly chopped
  • 1 whole lemon, juiced
  • 1/2 cup sugar


1. Toss all ingredients in a medium-sized, deep saucepan and turn the heat to medium until the mixture begins to bubble. Then, reduce the heat to simmer and stir.

2. Allow mixture to cook and the fruit/berries to naturally break down. Be sure to stir every 20 minutes or so, even more frequently when the jam begins to thicken.

3. When the jam has reached the consistency you desire, carefully pour the hot jam into clean and sterile mason jars.

4. Being sure the rim of the jar is clean and jam-free, wipe the lid with a damp cloth, place on the seal and tighten the lid until a slight resistance is met.

5. Carefully place the jar on a kitchen towel where the jar will not be disturbed for twelve hours.

6. Once the jam begins to cool, the seal will create a popping sound, assuring you that the jar is sealed.

7. Refrigerate for immediate use or store in a cool dry place for up to six months.

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