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5 Merry Ideas for Your Christmas Kids’ Table

As parents, it’s in the job description to keep our kids entertained. Between hosting Christmas Eve dinner, making festive treats and buying for everyone on Santa’s nice list, though, finding the time to keep the kiddos occupied during a family Christmas party is next to impossible.

Check out these clever ways to deck the kids’ table this Christmas—and keep them busy while you entertain guests.

gingerbread house workshop

Set up a gingerbread house workshop

There’s nothing quite so satisfying as decorating (and maybe eating) a gingerbread house. On a side table, create a perimeter of pre-assembled gingerbread houses surrounding various bowls of decorative candies—just make sure each house has a bag of icing beside it that kids can use to apply the yummy decor.


crafty holiday

Provide a crafty holiday to-do list

Ideal for the preteens (really, any kid who can successfully follow written directions), a Christmas-themed arts and crafts list will keep everyone busy throughout the day. Leave each child the same list of crafts, along with a decorated container of coordinating supplies. Making a paper snowman and decorating ornaments are two simple, festive project ideas to include. Then you can display their creations.


Christmas trees

Decorate sugar-cone Christmas trees

Vanilla frosting, green food coloring, confectioners’ sugar, candy and—of course—sugar cones, star in this merry Christmas activity that’s perfect for kids of any age. When everyone is done eating dinner, let the young ones work for their dessert by turning the ice cream sidekick into a beautifully adorned spruce tree.


edible centerpiece

Display an edible centerpiece

While the adults’ table will boast more of a classic Christmas tablescape, the kids’ table is an excuse to think outside the box. Whether it’s a candy Christmas tree or a display of sweet and salty snowmen sticks, make the centerpiece something they can admire and munch on throughout the party.


origami candy cane

Arrange festive DIY place settings

Assigned seats never looked so cute. Create handmade place markers to adorn each child’s spot at the table, with a name tag tied to the crafted pieces of decor. An origami candy cane, a cloth napkin rolled into the shape of a Christmas tree or a timeless bottle brush wreath are all pretty, festive ideas kids will love.

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