BEWARE: Hidden Sugar in ‘Healthy’ Foods

Robe Lowe’s remake of the movie “The Bad Seed” fills you with horror as you (and he) realize his sweet daughter Emma (Mckenna Grace) is actually the personification of evil.

That’s kind of like what U.K. researchers found when they looked into 900 supposedly nice and healthy yogurt products and found that the sweetness was is amped up with more added sugar than you ever suspected. That’s pure evil, too.

The study in BMJ Open looked at drinks, desserts, children’s yogurts, dairy alternatives, and yogurts designated as natural/Greek or organic. Only the natural/Greek yogurts had healthy, low levels of sugar.

A low-sugar food in the U.K. is considered to have 5 grams total sugars or less in 3 ounces (100 grams) of a product or food.

That made us want to check other so-called health foods to see what sugar evils they’re hiding inside.

We looked at the nutrition label on a sprouted wheat pumpkin berry bread and found that it has 4 grams of added sugars in a 1 oz. (32 grams) slice. That’s almost three times the sugar that should be in a healthy food.

Then there’s the popular chocolate chip sports bar that packs 21 grams of sugar (much of it from brown rice syrup) into its 2 oz. (68 grams) package.

And how about “original” almond milk? It’s got 7 grams of cane sugar in every serving.

Added sugars may cause biochemical changes that increase your risk for weight gain, diabetes, heart woes, wrinkles, and dementia. They also can encourage most cancers to grow.

So check out the labels on the food you eat. That evil sugar could be coming from inside your house.


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