Marijuana ‘inserts’ could END period pain

IF NORTH Dakota residents vote to next month to legalize recreational marijuana, women in the state could be able to purchase an unusual item that’s said to relieve menstrual-related pain – cannabis-infused inserts.

A company called Foria, that manufactures cannabis-infused inserts, or vaginal suppositories, could sell the product in the state if the measure passes, reported KVLY-TV.

One Park River resident, Stephanie Carlson, told the new station she’d not only be willing to try the product – she’d be the “first in line” to buy it.

“I just want to be able to have that one week a month to not be hunkered down in pain. I want to be functional,” Ms. Carlson said.

Foria already sells its products in states such as Colorado and California where recreational marijuana has been legalized. It says on its website that the vaginal suppositories are “specifically formulated for relief from menstrual discomfort”.

The product, called Foria Relief, “delivers the soothing benefits of full-spectrum cannabis directly to the area that needs it most – typically with little or no psychoactive effects”.

Marijuana has scientifically proven abilities to relieve moderate to severe pain.

The company claims most users “do not report experiencing a psychoactive high when taking Foria Relief vaginally or rectally,” but noted those who use the product will test positive for cannabis during a drug screening.

Some users claim they experienced relief from cramping and other menstrual-related problems in about eight minutes, Women’s Day reported in 2016.

“On a monthly basis, I’m dealing with not just one day of pain, two days of pain. It can be anywhere between five and 10 days of extreme pain,” Ms. Carlson said.

“If legalization were to happen, women like her, women like me, women like you, everybody, all women can have this option to not be in pain.”

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