“MAJOR ALCOHOL RECALL: Eight brands of vodka, bourbon, tequila, rum… These products may cause illness if consumed.”

Food recalls are an important practice in most countries. People seem to be aware of what a food recall is, but in case you don’t know, it is when a food is disposed of in mass before it can be sold due to some form of contamination.

The practice is important and when properly implemented, food recalls can help prevent the massive spread of disease to the population of a country.

In the United States, food recalls are handled by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). With the work of the FDA, almost one hundred million units of food are recalled every quarter of the year. Just imagine what the world would be like if we didn’t have these protective guards put up. There would be significantly more disease!

Alcohol Recall- Know The Facts

In Australia, the regulation of food recalls is handled by the Sydney based company, New South Wales Food Authority (NSW Food Authority).

The latest recall to enter into effect by the NSW Food Authority involves alcohol from the company, G J Wholesale.

On the official website of the NSW Food Authority, a statement reads: “GJ Wholesale has recalled G J Wholesale Alcohol Products from retail liquor stores in NSW, QLD, and ACT, due to potential chemical contamination.” Apparently, the recall is only in effect in the Queensland, New South Wales, and ACT regions.

According to the NSW Food Authority website, the products that are being recalled are all 700 ml bottles that are labeled as: “Supplied to and bottled in Australia for G J Wholesale.

The exact list of recalled alcohols are:
Verushka Vodka
Mississippi Bourbon
Los Cabos Tequila
Yachtsman White Rum
Mudgee Rum
Barman’s Choice Whiskey
Hunter Brandy
Her Choice Gin

The exact reason given for the recall is somewhat vague, only being listed as chemical contamination. However, it should be noted that chemical contamination is a serious reason for a recall. On the official statement of the GJ Wholesale website, it says: “Food products with chemical contamination may cause injury if consumed. Consumers should not consume these products and should return them to the place of purchase for a full refund.”

It is fortunate that those who purchased the products are going to be lucky enough to get a full refund. It’s also not a bad idea to keep frequent tabs on your countries food recalls seeing if there’s anything in particular that you should be avoiding.

This whole food recall fiasco has not been the first time that G J Wholesale has been in the news this year. Earlier, in June, they went into scrutiny over their brand of tequila, Los Cabos. Mexico’s regulator, the Consejo Regulador del Tequila (CRT), claimed that G J Wholesale was selling misleading and fake tequila since it was not actually bottled in Mexico. The Los Cabos had been made and bottled in Australia, making it inauthentic in the eyes of Mexico.

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