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food as medicine

Food As A Medicine The Best Of Them

Food is the best medicine for every health problems.Healthy eating and healthy lifestyle is the best choice you can make for your body and...
licorice root tea,licorice tea

Overdose With Licorice Tea

Licorice root has been used for centuries to treat a various conditions.Licorice tea has multiple health benefits,but can you overdose with licorice tea? The...
sun energized water,sun charged water

Sun Energized Water How To Make It

We can't imagine life on earth without water.All on Earth depends of water and sun.How water can be energized or how water can be...

Motivational Quotes

Motivational quotes has ability to change the way we see and feel about life.Here is a list of quotes that can help you stay...
sweating,detox with sweating

How Sweating Helps To Detox Your Body

Our environment as a result of industrialisation and unavernes of saving nature is very contaminated.That contamination consist of chemicals,radiation,polluted air and it all comes...
vitamins for stress,minerals for stress

Vitamins And Minerals For Stress Relief

Stress in small doses is beneficial.It helps to stay focused,energetic and more alert.Too much of it can be bad for productivity and performance.If you...
cranberry juice,cranberries,

Cranberry Juice Natural Remedy For Arthritis Pain

Rheumatoid arthritis is autoimmune condition, where the immune system attacks its own tissues,causing joint pain and inflammation.The inflammatory condition typically affects females and can...
stay focused,focused

How To Stay Focused And Unlock Determination

The ability to stay focused and lock in today is harder than before.In a world full of distractions it is harder and harder to...

Health Benefits Of Peppermint

Peppermint is a plant,hybrid from watermint and spearmint.It is available in form of capsules,oil and leaves.This healthy plant has been used as a herbal...
5g and health,how 5g affects on health

Health Issues Linked To 5G Technology

It is very astonishing how health issues linked to new 5G technology are established in scientific and medical literature but mass medias ignore all...
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